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Your Company is Relocating and you have been selected to coordinate the whole entire move. Not to worry. Planning and packing-are the key in relieving any stress from office moving – and we handle it from start to finish. Most importantly we never charge for your office move planning.
Companies today have moving needs that are unique and very much unlike residential moves. The complexity of the office move, with its many computers, electronics, files, and critical time schedules are the important elements that commercial office moving strategically plans for our customers.
With trained professional movers, experienced logistics managers and a host of support services, office movers brings to bear all the disciplines needed to make any commercial move, large or small, happen, and happen on time.
We are aware of the fact that as a company, when you take the decision to move you have to disrupt your activity but still we are trying to be a part of an efficient and commercial rapid move.
No matter where you are going, give us a call 1 914-370-4774 and we can schedule a meeting to establish further your office moving proceedings,Free On-Site Estimate For Business Move.
We’ve dealt with companies like yours before, and know exactly what the necessary moves are to make this transition go as smoothly as possible. We’re good at what we do, but most importantly we like it.Contact us for free Office moving estimate and consultation. We look forward to help you with your business moving.

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New Rochelle movers is a family owned and operated full service licensed moving company.Our quality moving services include: residential and long distance move, corporate and office relocation,full packing services, loading and in-house moving.

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