Cheap Price Piano Moving Services

The question is “How do I pack and move my piano?”

Piano cannot be moved like other pieces of furniture, you cannot organize a piano moving party and have some friends to grab a corner then slide it down the stairs onto the back of a hired truck.
One of the best tips that can be given about moving pianos is ‘Do not consider it, get the experts in’; we are those experts, we are professional movers-Cheap Price Piano Moving company.
Pianos come in several different shapes and sizes; probably the most common is the upright piano followed by baby grand’s then concert grand’s. Pianos have to be moved carefully, they have many intricate parts with a case equal to a nice piece of furniture. We have moved many different pianos in various different circumstances. To coin a well used phrase a piano should be ‘treated like a lady’.
If we have not managed to persuade you not to move your piano then here are a few pointers that you should bear in mind now you have decided to do it yourself.
For the sake of your piano we would recommend using Columbia Moving Systems services but if you require advice give us a call or email us , we are always pleased to help.
Whether you need to move your baby grand piano or relocate your organ,Bosendorfer, Steinway, Baldwin,Henry F. Miller ,Mason & Risch ,Sohmer, Bush & Lane ,Mc PhailHains Bros,Foster, Ivers & Pond,Hallet & Davis,Kranich & Bach Decker,Gibbons & Stone,Steinway we promise you’ll be completely satisfied with our cheap local piano moving services.
Buildings require a certificate of insurance for your piano move ? not to worry, we can provide one at no extra charge.